Hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as fracking or fraccing, is a technique used to stimulate and accelerate the flow of gas to a well or bore. The process involves high-pressure injection of sand, water and chemicals into the gas-bearing rock. The injection causes fractures in the rock allowing the gas to flow to the surface of the well.Fracking2.gif

They, Santos, want to explore for natural gas here in the South East of South Australia using the fracking technique.

It was reported in our local State paper, The Advertiser, that a Santos spokesperson speaking at a government committee on the subject of fracking announced that ‘fracking was safe, the science is done’.

Now I have a few problems with this.

The Region in which I live and run my business is know as the Limestone Coast. There is a reason for this name – limestone is present here as the dominant sub surface rock structure. This is also why we have amazing cave systems, some wet, some dry. The world famous and world heritage listed Naracoorte Fossil Caves are a well known example of a dry cave system. Mount Gambier has a massive cave system that runs under the city some of which is dry, most of it wet! ( the Police and other groups use our caves as diver raining areas as they are so dangerous!)

The Blue Lake is fed by the water that slowly makes its way through the limestone from all around. The excess flows towards the sea, nourishing and feeding the Little Blue Lake, Picanini Ponds and many other natural springs and sinkholes.columnright_headerfracking-diagram

Mount Gambier itself is a dormant volcano that is geologically overdue for an eruption!

If a company were to inject sand, water and chemicals into the above mix, what are the outcomes? – I’d LOVE to see the science on THAT!

I get so tired of big companies running rough shot over communities, raping the landscape and leaving behind destruction in their wake in THEIR quest for profits and shareholder return. The gas isn’t for Aussies to use – they’ll sell it off to the Chinese. Where is the benefit to the Australian public? – Oh they say, we create jobs and renew communities with new employment options. Well, we don’t need 1 or 2 generations of employment for a couple of hundred people if it destroys our region!

I say -“Lock The Gate!”

Go play in your own backyard Santos person!